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New Opening

Flagship Store | Miami

A source of inspiration for those seeking authentic and exclusive elegant design made in Italy.

Visit the showroom in Miami

Announcing the opening of a new Gallotti&Radice’s monobrand showroom, located in the heart of Miami’s Design District. The interior space celebrates Miami’s modern and sophisticated taste and lifestyle offering visitors an authentic experience of elegant design made in Italy.

Arranged over a 150msq, Gallotti&Radice’s Miami showroom displays a curated selection of contemporary living, dining and home office settings characterized by natural materials, soft color schemes and minimal lines. The collection exudes quality craftsmanship with an emphasis on traditional handcrafted techniques and one-of-a-kind finishes and materials. The ability to combine innovation and tradition, allows Gallotti&Radice to maintain a level of exclusivity and personalization for those seeking a unique and elegant lifestyle experience in Miami.


Miami Design District
19NE 39th Street – Miami, Florida 33137
Phone: +1 786-534-7274

E-mail: miamishowroom[at]gallottiradice.com

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday
10am - 5pm

11am - 5pm


Gallotti&Radice Miami Showroom | Our Heritage

Our Heritage
Founded in 1955 by Pierangelo Gallotti and Luigi Radice, Gallotti&Radice was the very first company to experiment with glass crystal in furniture production. Today, staying true to their heritage, the second generation family run business combines glass crystal with metal, marble and fine wood in order to create elegant and elaborated lifestyle solutions. 
Characterised by a distinctive style and captivating aesthetic, Gallotti&Radice designs are the result of painstaking craftsmanship paired with cutting-edge technology and a constant research into new materials and finishes. 

Made in Italy
Gallotti&Radice designs, creates, transforms and produces solely and fully in Italy. The end products demonstrate excellence, quality of details, finishes and forms. This is possible thanks to the experience which the Company has gathered over the years, constantly growing with a well-defined objective: to produce objects designed to withstand time.

A connection with the territory
Gallotti&Radice highly value local production and respects the territory in which it operates. Its suppliers are all local and mainly located in the large district of Brianza, known in the furniture sector for its mastery and excellence.


Coffee tables

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Sofas and Armchairs

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Storage units

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Bolle Tela


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